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Who We Are

House of Compassion

House of Compassion is the orphanage ministry where the Sudarsanam family cares for 55 orphans. In 2023, the primary donor to this work died, leaving the ministry without funding. Please pray for us and donate so that we may continue to provide for these children who are already with us. Thank you.

Other Humanitarian Outreach

The tribal people we serve have many physical and material needs which we address as God provides for us to do so.

For example, in many of the villages there is a lack of safe drinking water, leading people to seek water from polluted ponds, holes, and pits. This water makes adults sick, and causes severe birth defects in babies. We hope one day to be able to drill wells for our tribal people to enable them to have safe drinking water. In the meantime, we take children born with cleft palates to the city hospital for surgeries.

There are many other ways we would love to assist these people the Lord has called us to, but as always, everything we do is dependent on the provision of God through His people with more resources.

My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else. –Romans 15:20


When he was 19 years old, Pastor Samuel felt the call of God to plant churches and spread the Gospel where Jesus Christ was not yet known. He and his wife Shara now work, with a team of evangelists, among people in the tribal regions of their home state of Andhra Pradesh, meeting physical needs, but also introducing people to Jesus with tools like the Jesus Film Project.

Gospel Crusades

The team has conducted3-night Gospel crusades every year since 2008—usually during the month of April. We are looking for godly, anointed preachers to come and participate in this work with us.

We invite all people from our region to attend these events, and through these crusades we have seen hundreds of people accept the Lord Jesus and be baptized.

Tribal Churches

Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries hopes one day to have the resources to build church buildings where the new indigenous tribal pastors can hold church services. If you would like to partner with this project, please contact us so we can discuss what is needed with you.

Sunday School (Children and Youth)

Each church GSCM has planted hosts a Sunday school program. Across four churches, we teach and share the love of Jesus with 150 children and youth. Please pray for this ministry and these young people, that they may love Jesus and champion faith in Him.

Bible School

In 2011, GSCM started a Bible school program. There are many young men and pastors in the tribal regions who are very committed to Jesus but are serving the Lord without good training. Forty students graduated from our school and are in ministry.

However, at this time, we are unable to continue this vital program due to lack of funds. We are trusting God and His people to provide for us financially again so that we can equip leaders by teaching a foundational church planting course, and basic subjects from the Bible.