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Gospel Crusades


Gospel Crusades

We also conduct Gospel Crusades every year, We advertise through Notices and Bullhorn and new people would participate to hear the Gospel, We have started the Crusades ministry in 2003 there were only 300 people attended as we keep doing this ministry we conducted in 2019we have seen 3000 people showed up. So our ministry is growing so rapidly and widely. As we are serving the Lord, and reaching needy people we need your love and Prayers. usually we conduct 3 nights. We are looking for Godly anointed Preachers to come and Participate and Revive our nation, if you would bring any Team for short time we can have Pastors Conference and speak in Crusades. usually we do this ministry Every year during the month of April.

We invite all of our region people to come and be part of it and through these crusades we have seen hundreds of people accept the Lord jesus and take baptism. We would like to Conduct This year if God provides.

We need your love and prayers for our ministry. We have great heart for people to be saved and children to become champions of faith. We need your love and prayers and participation to our ministry. please come let us join our hands together and bring change in the land of india. Thank you for taking time to view our site.